Cowgirl (bigblue25) wrote,

been awhile

Certainly been quite some time hasn't it? 

I'm not sure of what to type, just because so many things have gone on in my life and I don't know where to begin. So let's start with some basics.

-I am now in graduate school at UTD. Not the place I wanted to end up, but I still get to see my friends and see my Dad weekly, so I'm good with that.
-Working two different jobs. Still working at Baylor (please hold your groans) and also now working at a private school as an after-care provider. Basically I'm a baby-sitter until the kid's parents come and get them after work.
-I joined I'm talking to a guy on there. We'll see what happens. Nothing is set in stone, we have a lot in common and I'm probably jinxing the hell outta myself by writing this out but yeah. Not sure what's going to happen, I'm not writing anything as for sure.
-I haven't talked to Xanax (via text or phone) since May and if I hadn't randomly asked him a question over facebook we wouldn't have had any contact at all. His choice not mine.
-Courtney and I are no longer...actively friends. Does that make sense? When we see each other we're friendly and all that, but we do not seek each other out to hang out anymore. Her choice just as much as mine. A lot of bad shit went down about at the beginning of September involving someone else (most of which I don't remember because I was rip-roaring drunk). Needless to say, I lost one of my best friends over a stupid asshole.
-I moved into a new apartment by myself. Which is nice but the neighborhood kinda scares me sometimes.
-I'm still not over a certain asshole. NOT the above mentioned one-that ship sailed LONG ago.
-I HATE that I'm not over this thing whatever the hell it is, but a part of me feels like there is something left...that could just be my stupidity but whatever.
-I can't travel as much as I want too. I miss everyone in Angelo and Austin that I used to be able to see more often.
-I'm going to be Beth from Dog the Bounty Hunter for Halloween.
-Grad school is definitely not as easy as some people make it look. BTW, I HATE philosophy.
-I'm worried...a lot.
-Currently looking for another job, but not getting my hopes up.
-I can honestly say that my insomnia has calmed down. I think that may be because I don't have time to be tired anymore. Any sleep that I can get my body terribly needs.
-Reading for class is still as hard as it was for undergrad, but this time I actually HAVE to get it done.

That's about it...I'm tired a lot, but as soon as November is done I'm done until next semester, so then I'll have time to do other things. Like relax...and not have to worry about not understanding certain readings for class...going to class unprepared because I couldn't get through the reading...basic stuff like that. I think that Mel, Kevin, Dario, Erin, and I are going to try and get outta town for part of December. That would be really nice. =)

So yeah.....nothing else. My creative side has been blocked too. I haven't been able to write anything new since July. plus it probably doesn't help that I'm trying to completely re-write one of my stories, so there's a major headache in itself.

And now I'm done. Today's my long day. I've been at work since 5:00am til 1:00pm (at the Richardson site not Baylor) and then I get about an hour and half break before I head to the my 2nd job for the day from 3-5:30 and then fighting traffic to get to campus for class at 7. Then volleyball tonight at 9:45. Oy...
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