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been awhile

so...been awhile...miss me?

it's my last semester!! *happy irish jig*

i'm waiting on pins and needles to see if i got into UT or not...

meg's coming this weekend, yay!

i jammed my finger at my basketball game today, ugh.

i soooo wanna go to miami for spring break.

my birthday was sweet, thanks errbody for the good wishes =)

it's actually snowed here a couple of times this winter, sign of the apocalyspe? maybe.

our 3rd hamster, cherokee, passed away this week. we have officially decided that our apartment is cursed for hamsters so we will NOT be getting another one. 

have a new favorite song-"I miss you with me" by Randy Rogers's a great song with a soft melody that I heart.

i miss being able to play my guitar...damn me and my inability to tune it :-/

and i think that's it y'all...leave some love...i miss y'all...chris, heidi, bunny, dizdar, kev-o, and the numerous others that have stalked me through here. bed time for me, hasta luego all
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