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so.... finals are fineto. That's neato. I'm so happy now that I don't have to worry about classes and homework for a whole month. But only bad thing about break is that I am going to be studying my ass off for the GRE.

I got three recommendations so that I can hopefully get into UT next year. I'm excited to be applying and I hope that I can find somewhere that I can take the GRE cause the few things that I have found and the only test day that I could find was today (Saturday) and I'm PRAYING that I can find another one too take so that I can have a prayer for getting into my dream school.

Finals went...well. I think that I bombed my Spanish final though. My professor should have never been teaching that class but whatever. Native American final went well I think. I might have been trying to hard to impress my professor (he is writing one of my recommendations) so I might have written too much or not been coherent in my essay by explaining too much. Oh well, I tried.

Working a lot more starting this week. At least an extra three or four hours a week. Trying to get some more money for Christmas and filling in for someone who isn't working anymore until the new chick is ready to handle working a Monday on her own without someone there to help. I'm just glad that they finally hired someone else. Next semester I'm going to be losing some money because I won't be working as much. But that's probably a good thing. I need more time for school then I had this semester.

In the past two months both of my parents have been diagnosed with a certain type of cancer. My mom had precancerous ovarian cancer and my Dad had skin cancer. I don't like talking a lot about this but the wonderful thing is that they both had surgery and they are both now cancer free. At least everything was removed that was considered cancerous. I'm very thankful for my parents and their health.

I guess that's it. Not really much else going on. I'm just trying to enjoy my time off, reading for fun, cracking the GRE book, spending more time with the family and friends, and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. I miss the smaller things that make me smile all the time. I find them randomly and they make my day. For instance, while I was home in Angelo, I found a CD in my car that I hadn't listened to in about a year. And it was awesome putting it in and hearing some old favorite songs and knowing all the words :) ....yay for simple pleasures :)
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